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The Role of Passion in Hot Monogamy

A New Definition of Passion ...

Passion is a blend of sexual arousal and emotional intimacy. When you feel emotionally connected with your partner during lovemaking, you are no longer two separate beings moving independently toward orgasm; you are partners on a fantastic voyage. Your partner’s arousal fuels your arousal as you take turns lifting each other higher and higher into ecstasy. There is a freshness to your lovemaking, a suspension of time, a total absorption in the present. At peak moments you feel at one with your partner and the words “I love you” may flow spontaneously from your lips.

I have a formula to describe this spiritual epiphany: “S2-I” – two Sexually expressive people joined by Intimacy. To form this interpersonal molecule both partners need to experience intense levels of arousal. What “binds” them together is intimacy. They don’t merely want to experience pleasure; they want to pleasure each other. They don’t merely want to have sex; they want to make love.

Some couples have the incomplete formula “S2”. In this variation, both partners are sexually charged, but they are rarely intimate with each other. They experience “hot sex”, but not "passionate sex". There is a profound difference between the two. Two people who are highly aroused can have intense, toe-curling sex, but in order to experience Passion, they have to be emotionally close to each other as well.

This is not to say that hot sex is bad sex. Many couples from time to time have hot lovemaking sessions, totally devoid of intimacy, which keep them grinning for days. But if lust is all they experience, they are missing the soul connection.

Above are excerpts from the book “Hot Monogamy” by Patricia Love M.D.

The Focus of this Community is:
The exploration of deep, intimate, sexual loving by partners who aspire to use their lovemaking not only as a source of pleasure, bonding and looking deeper into the heart of each other, but also as a tool for spiritual expansion to encompass the whole of the world and all of life.

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