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hot_monogamy's Journal

Passionate Sexuality for Couples or Singles
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Attention: You MUST be 18 YEARS or older to VIEW or JOIN this Community:
This community is for the discussion of sexual techniques to enhance the relationships of committed couples and singles who are over the age of 18 years. If you are NOT 18 years old or over, you must LEAVE NOW.

What This Community IS:
This community is designed to be an open forum for the discussion of everything to do with sexuality as it relates to fullfiling relationships for couples and singles.

What This Community is NOT:
This community is NOT is a place to “hook up”, post sexually explicit photographs, post erotic stories, the discussion of alternative relationship forms or “immature treatment” (in the opinion of the community maintainer) of the topics of sexuality. There are many communities on LJ for these type of discussions which is great!!

In order for this community to be the resource for people that it can be, we will need to remain “on-topic” and not stray into areas that don’t serve the members who are interested in a REAL place to discuss REAL issues regarding sexuality and its vital role in the relationships of committed couples and singles.

Focus and Topics of Discussion:
Sex surveys (results of surveys and some that you can take for yourself) sex statistics, sexual communication, desire and differences in desire, intimacy and how it relates to sexuality, sexual technique, sexual exercises (sexercises), sexual variety, creating romance, sex and body image, sensuality and how to become a more sensuous lover, the role of passion, book reviews, products and sources, the role of counseling, sex counseling and coaching, body work and massage, safe sex practices and MORE.

Here are a few Guidelines for this Community:

1)Please be aware of the impact of any ADVISE and what you post, keeping in mind the scope of your knowledge and expertise. Responsibility in this area is appreciated and required. Keep in mind … “Do No Harm”.

2)Everyone must maintain a healthy respect for fellow community members including their opinions and their choices regarding their sexual preferences, techniques, health, diet, preferred healing modalities or anything else for that matter.

3)Flame wars and airing out personal grudges and issues must be handled off-community somewhere … anywhere but here!!

4)Your participation in this community is subject to your agreement with the Hot_Monogamy Liability Waiver. This waiver exists to encourage you to take personal responsibility for your own healing whether that be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

Please read the Hot_Monogamy disclaimer below:

Hot_Monogamy LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Any posts, articles or other information provided in this community are designed for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. You MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD, and you should NOT rely on this information as a substitute for personal counseling, sex therapy or counseling, medical attention, diagnosis, or hands-on treatment. If you are concerned about your mental, emotional or physical health or that of another person, PLEASE consult your Health Care Provider IMMEDIATELY. If however you choose to use the information from this community without your Doctor’s consent, the community maintainer, authors, publishers and contributors to this community can assume no responsibility.

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